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There should be no more shame associated with mental illness, than there is for physical illnesses


Break the silence

and secrecy around mental illness

Stop the stigma and discrimination against affected persons and their families

Persons with drug abuse problems require help and professional treatment


Break the silence and secrecy around mental illness

Mental illnesses are treatable

These disorders can affect any and everyone: from children to adolescents; adults to the elderly; male and female; rich or poor; regardless of religious creed, level of educational attainment, ethnicity or race.

However, it is poorly understood and several myths and misconceptions are pervasive. There is also a negative culture of silence, associated shame, stigma and discrimination against persons and their families affected by mental illness.


It is also important to listen and empower service users – persons and their families who have had direct experience of living with a mental disorder, to tell their unique stories and push back against the enormous burden of shame, stigma and discrimination that they often have to suffer through.


The lack of accurate information about mental health challenges and how to access care further worsens the lack of access to qualitative mental health care services in Nigeria. Thus, the majority of affected persons seek care from either traditional or spiritual healers, and in many instances, they are exposed to human rights abuses.


Yet we know that mental illnesses are treatable conditions and that cheap, qualitative and effective treatment options are available. But information about understanding these conditions, where to access care and how to help, are not easy to come by. Especially with the secrecy and hushed tones with which mental health challenges are discussed

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