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Unashamed 2020

A mental health campaign to raise more awareness about mental disorders.

Let's make the world a better place. Take a pledge.

A Call to Action

We invite you to take the UNASHAMED 2020 Pledge below, and please invite others to also do the same. We are aiming for 1 million pledges by the 10th October (World Mental Health Day) 2021.

Asido Foundation: Together, lets make the world a better place... One person at a time. Take the pledge now

The Unashamed 2020 Pledge

  • I affirm that health, including mental health is a fundamental human right, in tandem with the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3).
  • I will advocate for the speedy passage of the Mental Health Bill in Nigeria.
  • I will be an advocate of open conversations and better awareness and understanding of mental health issues.
  • I affirm that mental disorders are treatable.
  • I will support people with mental disorders, in all settings - in schools, work environments and the community.
  • I will advocate for the elimination of shame, stigma and discrimination in our society.
  • I will promote the empowerment of service users to have a voice about the services they receive.
  • I will demand an end to the inhumane treatment of affected persons via chaining and other forms of abusive practices.
  • I will promote the provision of quality services for affected persons, on an equal footing as is available for physical disorders.
  • I will encourage others to join the campaign and take the unashamed 2020 pledge.

Pledge Box and Roll of Honour

By signing (using your full name) in the box below, I agree to the terms of the pledge and also acknowledge that my name and country will be displayed in the Unashamed 2020 Roll of Honour.