Mental Health Advocacy and Reforms

This website serves as an educational tool and reference point for factual information, guidance and linkage to professional mental health services across the country. A collection of articles on common mental health topics are available on this website and the contact us page is also available to provide answers to questions and concerns on mental health related issues.

Youth Mental Health activities

Youth Mental Health activities will focus on specific interventions covering school mental health, campus outreaches and youth leadership camps that will cover specific trainings on emotional intelligence, leadership trainings, life coaching, resilience and self-esteem improvements, motivational trainings as well as drug abuse resistance trainings, amongst others.

Capacity Building.

The Asido Foundation will provide the necessary expertise for capacity building to a wide array of stakeholders such as service user organizations, management of schools, teachers, human resource managers, youth camps, religious organizations, communities, other non-governmental organizations interested in acquiring some competence in the field of mental health etc.

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