Mental advocacy


The Asido Foundation was established by concerned stakeholders as a Not-for-Profit Mental Health Advocacy charity with the aim of providing evidence-based information, concerted and specially tailored advocacy efforts as well as interventions and contribute towards filling the huge mental health needs of the Nigerian populace.


Why is this important?
It should no longer be acceptable for persons with mental disorders to lack access to quality care; or be ignorant of how and where to access care. Their personal dignity and human rights should be protected and respected at all times.

There should be no more shame and stigma associated with mental illness than to physical illnesses

Our motivation

More about us

‘Asido’ is an Ebira name that connotes perseverance, resilience and overcoming adversity. It embodies the aspirations of the Asido Foundation to dispel ignorance, promote knowledge and evidence-based practices, as well as capacity building that empowers service users and their families to overcome the challenges of stigma, shame and discrimination. It aims to encourage the development of resilience through capacity building and youth empowerment initiatives; and to support the attainment of everyone’s full potentials, regardless of mental health status, as a matter of fundamental human rights.

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